event list

Approved IKMF Seminars

KM Target Map 

THIS DOCUMENT EXPLAIN Who ? Can do what? Where?


Any Active Instructor:

  • Introduction KM Seminar


Certified Law Enforcement Instructor:


  • Stick Seminar
  • Knife Seminar
  • Stop-Search-Control Seminar
  • Gun Defense Seminar
  • Using a Pen for Self Defense Seminar
  • Handcuffing Seminar
  • Security Seminar 


Military Instructor:

  • Hand Grenade Seminar
  • Rifle Threat Defense Seminar
  • Using a Rifle as a Cold Weapon Seminar
  • Using a Rifle for Defense against Knife Attack Seminar
  • Using a Rifle for Defense against a Stick Attack Seminar
  • Self Defense Using a Rifle
  • SWAT Instructor

  • Hostage Rescue Seminar
  • Aggression Seminar
  • Human Bomb Seminar


VIP Protection Instructor

Bronze Level

  • Stop-Search-Control Seminar
  • Security Guard Seminar

Silver Level

  • Same as Bronze plus Protecting Third Party Seminar


Tactical Instructor

  • According to the courses he/she has successfully completed


Senior Civilian Instructor

  • Self Defense Seminar
  • Women’s Self Defense Seminar


Expert /Continental and Global Instructor Team Members

All of the above Seminars plus

  • Road Rage/Car Jacking Seminar
  • Weapon Seminar
  • Pool/Water Seminar
  • Tube Formation Seminar
  • Air Marshal Seminar
  • Security Seminar
  • Release from Chokes Seminar
  • Release from Bear Hugs Seminar
  • Ground Self Defense Seminar
  • G Level Seminar
  • Pub seminar
  • Obstacle course seminar (planning conducting attack via …
  • Advance instructor seminar (lesson out line , template seminar drill
  • Creative teaching (using and developing games for teaching)
  • High Stress simulation seminar
  • Low or no light seminar
  • Prison guard seminar
  • Bouncer seminar
  • Crowed control seminar
  • Weapon retention seminar
  • Soft restrict seminar
  • Ground self defense vs weapon
  • Gang seminar
  • High heal seminar
  • Active shooter seminar
  • Instructor update seminar


Director and Higher  

  • All of the above listed Seminars within the limits of their certifications/qualifications in their state/country only.


This list will be updated and added to from time to time as we expand our capabilities and the current list will be available in the “Instructor’s Only” section of the International Website.


***Please note that Instructors may do seminars that are on the approved list in their own studiosIF by means of their ongoing training they have qualified (via advanced rank/level testing) in the techniques contained within the seminar***


Ikmf – head instructor