Lesson Plans

360 vs circular knife attacks
Backwards getting up from ground
Backwards horizontal elbow
Combinations of attacks
Defensive forward kick
Diagonal round house kicks
Downward vertical elbow
Downward vertical hammer punches
Educational stop
Fighting outlet stance
Forward getting up from ground
Hammer punches and knee kick
Hook punch
Horizontal back hammer
Horizontal round house kicks
IKMF CIC manual lesson plan
Inside defense vs straight punches from semi passive
Inward horizontal elbow
Knee kick straight up
Movements to different directions
Palm heel strike
Prevent any attack by kicking
Preventing attack by punch or inside defense
Rear and upward vertical elbows
Rear vertical elbow
Regular front kick
Regular side kick
Release form side headlock
Release from choke form behind
Release from front chokes
Release from ground choke
Release from side chokes
Shield type common object
Sideways horizontal elbow
Sideways horizontal hammer punch
Soft break falls to a wall
Stomp kick front defensive
Straight left punch with fist (jab)
Straight punch with right hand
Turning to sprint position
Upper cut
Vertical elbows upwards
Vertical hammer punches